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HostGator is perhaps the most reputed web hosting service thanks to their great features and their offers to their clients. The service provides unlimited disk space as well as unlimited bandwidth. Besides, you can host hundreds of websites under your primary account. With HostGator, webmasters get robust services inexpensively. If you are willing to spend your time and learn your way around HostGator, you will find their services great.

The unlimited features above are available in three hosting packages. The service supports domains from all around the world. The packages are Hatchling, Baby and Business hosting. The business hosting is accompanied with a private SSL, dedicated IP address and your toll-free number. The baby plan host unlimited domains while the hatchling plan host only one domain.

HostGator is feature-rich webhosting with great features like site builder and shopping carts for online stores. You can simply install reputed website apps and also platforms using a single click. Email features in HostGator are great and impressive allowing you to create unrestricted number of POP3 accounts. With HostGator, you can get email features like autoresponders, email aliases, mailing lists, mail forwarding and catch-alls. Spam Assasin is a spam protection program offered by HostGator and protects your site from spam. It keeps unwanted emails far from your inbox.

The HostGator's feature set is impressive to both new and professional webmasters alike. With some advanced features like error pages and cron jobs, webmasters enjoy using the service. Cron jobs is a feature that enables you to automate tasks to make web management easy. You can automate email downloading among other tasks. However, the feature misses a script library. The advanced features are not as important in webhosting but makes it easy to manage your website.

Overall, HostGator is an easy webhosting service and is relatively cheap to use. However, newbies as well as professional webmasters need to spend sometime learning their way around the service. You will need to navigate the interface to learn all the features as some are not intuitive. They offer 24 hour live support though it seems there are lots of people to cater for and the support may at times be sluggish. You can easily get resources to learn your webhost through video tutorials and user forums. The FAQ section also contains important information for your webhosting service. For technical support, HostGator can be reached through email, toll-free calls or through live chat.

In general, HostGator offers the following services: web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, application hosting, domain names and windows hosting. Each of the services come with a different price and different plans.You can get discount hosting by looking up discount coupons by HostGator.